Setting Up Orders

Most of the clients of Butterflies Unlimited have standing, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly orders. We are also available for special "one time" or short-term events. Shipments are sent out by Federal Express or Overnight Express Mail. Each shipment will contain a variety of pupae. If there is a particular species that you would like to have we will certainly try to include it. Just let us know. Most of our shipments are sent out on Monday for next day delivery, but we can set up shipping for any day of the week that works best for you.

If you are outside the state of Texas we must have a copy of your USDA APHIS PPQ Form 526 on file with us before any shipments can be sent. You can fax your permit to us at 972-274-4919 or mail it to: Butterflies Unlimited 1732 S. Hampton Road, Glenn Heights, TX 75154, or email to

To set up your order call 972-274-0890 or email: